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How to get booked in Europe

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Summer is coming sooner than we know, and with it a flood of fans and opportunities to perform for a whole new group of people. While many festivals and tours have filled up their lineups for headliners and secondary acts, a large amount of these are always looking for opening acts at the very beginnings of their shows. This is especially true for tours in foreign territories. These spots give great exposure and could help launch careers into a new stratosphere.

Have you ever wondered how does someone get these opportunities? To play a DJ set between acts at Glastonbury or for a tour in Europe? Or how does someone get to open on a stage at Reading and Leeds? Or even, how does someone get to play on the small stage at a festival not all of these acts can be friends with the promoter, or know one of the headlining acts. No, these openers used booking agents. The best way for US acts to break into Europe is to use UK booking agents can help you find gigs in English speaking countries first, and eventually moving further into Europe. These agents will handle dealing with venues, promoters, and festival executives to make sure acts get paid their fair amount and get the best opportunity to expand their audience. These agents will work alongside you and your team to help you get the booking that is right for you. The question is, which agency is the right one for you?

For the best results possible, an act and an agency have to fit together correctly. Any artists wants to feel like they are being valued and taken care of. They want an agent who caters to their needs and will put them in the right positions. Bookings are an intricate art that require the skills and knowledge of an agent who has experience, passion and the work ethic to get their client booked. So, it is important to choose wisely when looking for an agency to help get you booked. Just like it is important to do diligent research when looking to buy a new piece of equipment or a new car, it is important to do so with an agency as well. Ask the important questions of these agencies. Who have they booked before? What venues and festivals do they work with? Who do they have on their current roster? Where are they located? Most of the UK music agencies are in London, so that they are centrally located.

What sets many booking agencies apart is what they do on top of helping their clients get booked. The best of the best in the business will do so much more than just get their artists put in the lineup for a show. They will aid their clients in public relations and social media, distribution of their published music, and help them in knowing and using their rights as musicians. The biggest aid that agents can bring to any artist, though, are their connections to those within the European music industry that up and coming artists and DJs may not have.

If you’re looking for a big break in the near future as summer approaches, a booking agency is the first big step in getting to that stage.

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